Welding, installation of pipe networks, pressure systems

Our company deals with the full scope realization of pipe networks and pressure systems. That can include any facility or industrial segment. Our qualified x-ray proof welders and isometric plumbers, structure fitters perform all the processes beginning from the production in our workshop up to the on site construction, handing over at high professional level. We undertake the construction, welding of pipe networks from capillary pipes up to DN2000 made of any type of steel alloy (stainless, acid proof, titanium alloy, alumina and copper alloys, carbon steel) with the necessary staff and by the required deadline. Our over 20-year experience, our most excellent experts and our high-quality plant, machinery is a guaranty of the high-quality production and construction.

Function of the Pressure System
What kind of function is provided by the pressure system? What does it serve?
Properties of the medium stored or flowing in the pressure system. Material of what state, pressure, temperature is contained in the pressure system/vessel?
Site conditions, that is under what kind of environment shall the pressure system be operated.

Be it extremely low temperature, e.g. use of liquid nitrogen in a closed system (-200 C°), or extremely high temperature in case of IGCC systems (even +1000 C°), the pressure system must comply with the load both in pressure and temperature.

Be it any size or type of pressure system, the Daniel Flex Hoses Kft. undertakes its realization.







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