What are we doing?

The Daniel Flex Hoses Kft. is a metal industrial manufacturing, construction company being in 100 per cent Hungarian ownership and having its plant in Budapest.
We design and manufacture special stainless metal hoses with great expertise in any field of industry. We always adapt to the customer’s requirements including the material quality, pressure resistance, life span, dimensions.
When we speak about stainless metal hoses, most of the companies are working with long deadlines and/or themselves are not the manufacturers, but only resellers. But we are not resellers. We ourselves produce the welded flexible stainless metal hoses.
Additionally, we also deal with the design, production, installation, erection of carbon steel and high alloy steels, stainless alloys, aluminium and copper pipes, pressure systems and structures.
When we speak about manufacture of any steel structure, production of pipe networks, preparation, installation, welding of pressure systems, the companies often do not have for that the required workshop background, or own qualified staff. They undertake the work then contact such companies, which really can perform the work.

We are one of those companies, which have several decades of experience in the field of production, welding speaking about any metal including the titanium alloy, copper, aluminum or stainless steel carbon steel alloys. We perform the work in our own workshop and by our own experts team each of them being a highly qualified person be it a plumber, qualified welder, International Welding Specialist (IWS) or a structural locksmith.
Our company undertakes manufacturing, execution in the following metal industrial fields.

Why are we doing it?

We love our profession. We like to work with metals. We like to produce special and unique things, not only to the satisfaction of our customers, but to our own pleasure, as well. The Daniel Hoses Kft. is a family undertaking. For us that is not only our work, subsistence, but also our life each day. And we feel good in this life, we are successful in it. We believe that any company can become successful only if it is professional and passionate. We are lucky, because we have both these conditions.







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